With the lack of support for the ADHD female in mind, my holistic wellness approach addresses all aspects of a life impacted by ADHDmental, physical and emotional.


Maeve Nesci has Master’s Degrees in both Education and Writing, as well as a Certification in Health Coaching from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC.

While teaching and designing curriculum for high school students with ADHD, Maeve discovered the very unique struggles of females with this diagnosis, oftentimes presenting very differently than their male counterparts. She learned firsthand that females were much harder to diagnose, much more under-researched, and could then ultimately struggle later in life because their neurodivergent challenges were widely overlooked during their teen years.

ADHD Women’s Wellness is for all women—official diagnosis or not, medicated or not. Above all, the aim is educate, encourage and support this population.